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Home Owners, Got Property Damage? Call A Licensed Insurance Professional First.

We represent home owners against the insurance companies for issues such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Roof Leaks, Fires, Electrical Problems, Broken Pipes, Cracked Tiles, Septic Tank back ups and many more. 

We offer completely free Home Inspections and consultations. Most home owners do not know they have a problem until its way to late so, call today and let us inspect your home for free. Store our number. You never Know what tomorrow holds. 

Toll Free (833)3HELP4U or Off (786)-719-8170 or 24 Hr cell (305)494-0075

Was Your Claim Denied?

 Allow us to review your prior claim.This is a completely free service. You have nothing to lose but every thing to gain. A lot of times we are able to reopen and recover previously unpaid funds for you or more funds if your claim was one of the many that are frequently under paid all because you do not know what your entitled too.  

We will review your prior claims at no charge to you.  Give us a call today we are eager to work for you.

Why Chose Sun State Adjusters?

In short, experience, dedication and attention to detail. We are a small firm dedicated to being attainable to our clients 24/7 live because we at Sun State Adjusting understand a claim is normally a dramatic experience and not being able to get answers or reach anyone is a horrible feeling and experience. With us its all about the client. without you we would not be in business.

 The principle/ owner has been in the insurance field as an Agent, investigator, Agency owner and now Public Adjuster since April 18, 2000.  State Lic .#D036758

 As an Adjusting Firm we service the entire State of Florida. We are just a phone call away should you need us.


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We Are Here To Guarantee Your Success

Coming from one of the largest and most winning and Insurance feared  Claims Adjusting firms in South Florida we have absorbed the secret skills and unmatched experience and created what we think is a more personal, hands on and client friendly Insurance Claims Adjusting firm to ever service Florida known as Sun State Adjusting, In short- A Better Process. A claim is usually an over whelming process and we at Sun State will not leave you disappointed, confused, lost or unable to reach anyone.

Sun State Adjusters

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